Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Not so Ancient History!

Who was the First Love of your Life?

Our eyes met across a crowded bench and it was love at first sight. He was the blonde on the end of the bench. See our eyes meeting! Our families were old friends (well we had known each other for about 5 years!). We all lived in Memphis Tennessee and the year was about 1974. His name was Kenny although I hear he goes by Ken now, go figure. Kenny was very handsome as you can tell by this photo. We were the best of friends and spent a lot of time together. When my family was getting ready to move to Houston I can remember crying so hard at the thought of leaving Kenny. I climbed a tree and hid from my parents so that I wouldn't have to leave. Of course being only 6 I didn't have a lot of options. I remember that as we were leaving Kenny and I went around the side of the house and kissed me! So sweet.

His family would come out to Utah every year of so for vacation and I would always be giddy and giggly and we would always share a goodbye kiss! This romance would continue right up until we were about 11 and it would actually start to count as a real kiss! We lost contact for a few years. In high school we became pen pals and I learned that he loved gymnastics and he eventually got a scholarship to the Y in gymnastics. We actually went on 1 real date in college when I asked him to come to a sorority party. The next memory I have of him was going to his wedding reception and when he caught my eye as I was waiting in line he got that familiar grin on his face as he loudly announced to his bride and all around us "This is Kelli! The first girl I ever kissed!" I still look forward to his family Christmas card every year to hear how he is doing and see his latest cute picture!

Aahh. Kenny.

Project for the New Year!

First of all I think it is funny I am just now starting to think of what I want to do this year! Maybe stop procrastinating should be my project! Actually I think I have that one every single year. Anyway back to the actual topic of this post....
Do you know what your grandfather did for a living? How did your great-grandmother meet your great-grandfather? Do you know what your parents did on their first date? What is your mothers most embarrassing moment? Do you know the answers to these important questions? I know some of them but only because my relative wrote a personal history. I have been thinking a lot about personal histories and how grateful that I am that my relatives took the time to sit down and remember and then put pen to paper or fingertips to old typewriters! They wrote stuff down! A few years ago my dad started writing his and I remember thinking that he was getting a great head start on getting his history done. He would send it to me and ask me for suggestions and I would send it back with questions I wanted answered. I can not tell you how much that history means to my family. I only wish I had written 1000 or so more questions for him to answer.Clifford and Irv playing.
I have been encouraging my grandparents to write their histories! (Hi Grandma and Grandpa!! Love you!) Grandma has compiled several histories of other generations that I read, use and enjoy immensely but now I want theirs! Grandma has made the comment that she can't remember anymore and that got me thinking about how I can't remember anymore either so I am in real trouble in 40 years.
That leads to my topic. (Wow that was a huge intro!) I am going to start on my history!! I am not a good journal writer (this blog is pretty much the only writing I do!) so I really need to have a history of some sort. I am going to incorporate the blog though! Every Wednesday I am going to post the question of the week and I may or may not actually write my answer on the blog but I will answer it somewhere that day!

Join me if you like. Answer the questions on your blog or in your history or in your journal but answer it. It will be fun. I hope.
I will be stealing some of my questions from my good friend Anita's book that she wrote called "Self Preservation". Thanks Anita!
The topic for this week is: Who would you say is your first love?
I will answer my own question later today. I hope. Man if I don't I will be so sad that I can't even complete the first one. Somebody call me if I don't post by 11 pm! I need serious help!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Alex turned 6 this month and I have failed to tell the world why he is so adorable and easy to love.
I love Alex because he is a go with the flow sort of kid. He is very easygoing and adaptable.
I love Alex because he is a very shy Rollins boy who if he doesn't know someone can act like they don't exist even if they are talking right to him.

I love Alex because he loves to wear his shoes on the wrong feet on purpose.
Here is Alex with his best friend/cousin/brother from another mother/twin Sam. I have a hard time finding many pic's without Sam in it also.

I love Alex because he speaks with a New York Accent. "I'm walkin ovah heyah."
I love Alex because he is a smart boy who loves school and loves to read.
I love Alex because he often just abruptly tells you that he loves you with no prompting.
I love Alex because he is so great about hanging out with his little bro.
I love Alex because he runs with a slight skip. It makes me laugh to see him play soccer!
I love Alex because he always has a messy face. I am not lying. Check out the posted pictures! Sad that this little boy has no mother! I love Alex! I can't help myself. I am lucky to be your mom! Happy Birthday big boy!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Warning! This is not a funny post. I am not suicidal just pondering deep stuff. Bear with me.

I know that there is a purpose for us being on this earth. I know that we were thrilled at the prospect of coming to earth and proving ourselves. I know that we were not afraid of the trials we would face. I know this. But man, sometimes it hurts.

I have been thinking of how sometimes it is more difficult to watch people you love go through their trials. It is a helpless feeling to watch your sister go through a horrible and life altering betrayal and the divorce that followed. It is so difficult to understand why someone you care about is not able to have children. It is devastating thing to see someone that you love lose a child. It has been so so hard to see my mother struggling with being a widow. Then there are those that you love and care for who haven't had the chance to be married yet and sometimes feel a bit alone or left out. There are countless trials that I haven't mentioned like illness, abuse, depression, job losses, children who abandon their families values and many more. Sometimes it just makes me sad to see so many I love hurt.

I wish I could do something to help make things right. I really can't do much more than pray and let them know that I love them and listen when they want to talk. I can cry with them and laugh with them and love them. I do love them and I hope that they know that my heart hurts with them.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Several weeks ago Tricia had a dream about the most dreaded time of year! In her dream this time of year even recieved a new title. WinterMuck! WinterMuck is the period of time from Jan. 2 to March. Many people suffer from SAD or Seasonal Affection Disorder. SAD is basically winter depression. Tricia suffers from it. I think it is mainly because her legs have to remain covered for so long! We were actually trying to determine if it was the cold, the inversion or maybe the lack of sunshine or even outdoor time, or if it could be the fact there is nothing to look forward too. No holidays, no big family get togethers... Nothing. Lonliness as far as the eye can see... on the calender hanging in my kitchen. So to conquer this hard time of year we are going to do a big WinterMuck celebration. Tricia is in charge so I expect we will have some shoe modeling with lots of leg! Just teasing. I think we are going to go snowmobiling and have a bonfire and more sledding. It will break up the long winter months! So plan on seeing the WinterMuck merchandise on shelves soon!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

This is the last of 6 posts in 24 hours! That has to be a record! I am all caught up! Today is actually a very wonderful day! Today is my Mom's birthday! She is the only one who I didn't highlight last year! Last the best of all the gang I guess! So let me tell you why I love my mom!

I love how Mom can find the gospel in regular life. Watch a movie, read a book or talk with mom and it will come around to the gospel. She lives it, she quotes it, she loves it. Many of my "Mom Memories" include finding her in her room on her knees or sitting at the kitchen table studying her scriptures. I love the example of goodness that she is. If it is good for her she tries to incorporate it into her life. This includes mental health, physical health, and spiritual health.
I love how Mom loves her family. She loves her parents, her siblings (and in-laws and all their children) and her children and grandchildren (and that includes all the in-laws) with all her heart! They are her treasure here on earth. My mom shows love by doing things for others. I love how she serves those around her. I love mom because she will defend her children at all costs. She will also laugh at all their jokes. Which of course is very important!
I love my Mom!

New Years Eve!

Happy New Years! I must admit that I think New Years Eve is my favorite holiday. Low stress, lots of fun, stay up late! Love it! We did the traditional fondue dinner! The kids really got into fonduing this year and they especially liked the mushrooms and squash but I think I love the cheese and bread although the shrimp that Brandon did were yummy! Then we played all the traditional games.... Thumper, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, and some new favorites.... Dippity, Dippity Dip, and the Hand Game! Then came the big moment! We got out the chimes and ran to wake all the neighbors with our yelling and banging! Aaron especially enjoyed the screaming! Did I mention how much the neighbors love us!
Sara laughing! Glad she is feeling better! Joe and his amazing eye brow trick!Jenn and her lovely curly hair! My beautiful sister Alli! Thanks for all the great pictures Alli! Here is B. Rad! He was a bit upset by my outing him in his dodge ball outfit so he kept posing so that the next pictures I posted of him would be very GQ!
Fun was had by all! We laughed a lot and enjoyed being with one another. We toasted in the new year and finished with the chocolate and fruit fondue! What a great way to start the year!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

In Between!

We had a great week between holidays! Well I did. Dave had a huge project at work that went "live" on the 27th and has been working 12-18 hour shifts every day with one really horrendous 21 hour shift. So he has been persona non grata (does that mean not there) since the 26th. Having him work on Saturday and Sunday last weekend was very strange. It makes me kind of lose track of what day it is!
We had a great day of sledding with the cousins! The best part about it (for me) was we finally got to hang out with Sara! She was feeling well enough to venture out!

Andrew and Claire Sam and Alex after a great wipe out! Jonathan trying his hand at snowboarding Lauren hates B. Rad. She was not happy about him taking her down the hill!Aaron and Joe on a run! Jonathan and Adam getting ready to race. Adam won. Every time.

We also had a really fun night (thanks to Haley) at the Tru Golf Simulator! This thing is incredible! It sells for somewhere in the ballpark of $50,000 but it is truly amazing how true to life it really is! I am just as bad at the simulator as I am in real life so it must be real! It was fun to golf the Pebble Beach course with the fam! We also discovered that Alli is a natural golfer! Her brothers couldn't stop raving! My older 3 boys came and got some lessons from the Pros (B Rad, Andrew and Mitch)

Here is the view from the green looking back on the spectators! The hecklers in the crowd! The hecklers on the green! The boys watching how it is done!Mom! Alli addressing the ball "hello Mr. Ball!"

It was a really fun night for us all to be humbled by our lack of golfing skills!