Thursday, December 9, 2010

Excuse #45

So I was thinking about how I have been the MOST boring blogger in the world and I thought to myself WHY? Why have I not posted? So here is reason #45. Because I am a detective. I spend every waking moment trying to solve mysteries. Here are some of the recent cases:

What in the world is that smell?
  • Suspect: Wet winter boots
Who left the milk out?
  • Suspect:Josh
  • Case: unresolved, lack of evidence. although I was tempted to take fingerprints.
Where are Joe's Sunday shoes?
  • Located:Downstairs in his dirty clothes basket. Also located missing slinky.
Why is the Junior High trying to kill me off with so much homework?
  • Case: Still under investigation. Parent/Teacher conferences provided some clues.
This last case was a difficult one.

Where is Aaron's cell phone?
  • Facts: last seen Sunday at 4:00 pm in the family room before he left to the Stake Fireside.
  • Suspects: The Younger Brothers
  • Progress: I have interrogated Suspects. No success in breaking them until about 10 minutes ago.
Joe: "Mom, I know what happened to Aaron's cell phone."
Me: "What happened to it?"
Joe: "I took it and flushed it down the toilet."

Case solved. It only took 4 days to break him! Now I am going to break him again.

I guess Joe is getting Aaron a really nice gift this year.

I am just grateful all those hours of CSI are really paying off!