Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Because I said so...

So this is what has been going on in my household this week.
The children and I have been having an ongoing intellectual discussion.
I would like to say it is on a very important topic that will alter the universe but it involves my 9 and 7 year old.

The discussion as it unfolded...

Wonderful Mother that I am: "I washed your sheets and I need you to make up your beds."

Grateful Sons: "WHAT?" Why do we have to do that?"

15 minutes and 15 threats later....

GS: "Fine! You are the meanest mother ever!"

40 minutes later

GS: "We are done!!"

WMIA: "Great! Thank you so much my sweet darlings! Let us go in together and take a look at your amazing bed making abilities"

We head down the hall and I find the beds made but with the pillows at the foot of the bed.

WMIA: "Why did you make them upside down?"

GS: "They aren't."

WMIA: "Yes they are. Your head goes at the top of the bed."

GS: "They are at the top."

WMIA: "No they aren't this is the bottom of the bed."

GS: "Who says? The floor is slanted. There isn't a top"

WMIA: "Everyone says. (and knowing I am losing credibility I throw in...) Including the National Institute of Sleep Order!" (NISO! That should intimidate them!)

GS: "Well we say this is now the top and that (pointing to the top) is the bottom. See Mom this way we can reach the lights better and see into the hall better and throw stuff in the garbage can better. It is just better."

WMIA: It is wrong.

But all true.

GS: "Furthermore to make sure that we don't have to make our beds ever again we will no longer be sleeping in the sheets. We will sleep on top of the comforter and just use a blanket to cover us."

WMIA: Good grief. I hate think what will happen when NISO finds out about this!