Friday, October 31, 2008

People I Love. October Edition.

Two absolutely amazing women have their birthdays this month! Let me tell you why I love them!
Haley Jo! I have loved Haley since I met her. That would be way back before Mitch's mission. I loved her then because she was one of those super nice people and was always so willing to help with whatever people needed. I also loved her because she made my brother Mitch so happy! Now, years later I have gained a greater appreciation of this person we call Haley Jo. I love how she genuinely cares about others around her. She will go above and beyond what is needed in order to serve everyone. She is a bit of an over-achiever but despite that I still love her. She is dedicated and loyal to those she loves. She is an incredible worker. I love how she is so great with all the nephews and nieces who adore her! I love Haley because she still contributes greatly to Mitch's happiness! I am so thrilled that she has joined our family.
Tricia was born on Halloween 39 years ago! Tricia and I were born 14 months apart and I don't think I have any family memories that do not involve her! I wish I could say that I loved her from the moment I met her but come on, we were sisters! I love Tricia because she loves her legs, and because she loves purple and because she loves shoes. Just teasing. I love Tricia because she cares about others. She loves her family and would do anything to help them. I love Tricia because she laughs at your joke and then gets mad because you made her laugh. I love her because she is a great listener. If you want a good reaction to a story give her a call! Her extreme sensitivity may make her easy to mock but it also makes her one of the most compassionate people who is also very in tune to others feelings. It is a great gift that she has. I am so grateful that we survived our childhood and teen years together so we could grow up to be such great friends. Love her.

Monday, October 27, 2008

It is Great to be Eight!

Jonathan. He is 8 and his is pretty great!
He is good at all the sports you can think of!
He loves his brothers! Even though sometimes they tease him and he teases them!
He loves all his cousins! Not so much his aunts.
He is very smart! He is very funny!
He has the cutest giggle around!He sometimes get very nervous to try new things. He always is happy when he does them!He is a thinker and a doer and a mover and a goer!
He is my darling boy and I love him lots!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Tag Me with Caution! II

The second tag of the week was from my friend Kim, from Viewmont High days. Kim and O'Dean at the time of their engagement around 1988, I think.
We also have a lot of fun memories and even a trip together if memory serves correctly but probably one of my favorites was how we became friends. I don't know Kim's side of the story but my version goes something like this.
Some strange girl who I didn't know gave me a very nice birthday present. I was so intrigued by this I had to get to know her better. We became friends. I've loved her every since! Moral of the story presents can buy friends!
Her tag is a picture tag. She asked me to post the 3rd picture in the 5th folder. I posted 1 from each computer! These 2 cute characters are Mark and Brittney's oldest 2 kids Megan and Isaac. Megan loves princesses and reading and drawing and Isaac loves dinosaurs!
This is a picture of me, Mom (holy cow! she is beautifu!), Grandpa Carter (he still has all that hair only touched with a bit of white) and Tricia who from the moment she was born insisted on being in every photo ever. (I had to crop her out of Kim's engagement photo)!

This is a fun way to share random photos. Anyone who would like to share (I hate to pressure you!) please show and tell me about the 4th picture in your 4th folder!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tag me with Caution

I don't know if it is because I am so witty and popular or if it is because I am one of very few who will respond and happens to excel at talking about myself, (no comment, Nate!) but I got tagged twice this last week!

I have decided that whoever tags me gets highlighted so it is not so boring just being all about me! (Actually I am NOT boring, My Mom thinks I am very entertaining)

One today, one tomorrow.

The first tag was from my friend, Angie, from back in the glory days of Deseret Book.
Ladies Night October 1998. We must have been tired because almost half of us have our eyes closed.
Let me tell you a bit about Angie. She always made work a fun place to be! She has this sarcastic, dry sense of humor. Sometimes it was hard to keep a straight face when dealing with some customers knowing what Angie would say if she could be open and honest! I recommend that you take pictures of your favorite co-workers so when you blog about them later in life you have some good photos.
I really want to go in when she works her last day and has no fear of any consequences for her actions. That will be a fun day at DB. Customers should probably be warned. One of my favorite stories involving Angie is how we vowed that when we die we were going to be buried in the mezzanine of the store! It is one of those had to be there jokes. But I was there. So it was funny. Trust me.
I have had the chance to lists some of the topics from this tag in an earlier post seen here and here and here but here are the new lists.
4 Movies I have watched more than once
Pride and Prejudice
Lord of the Rings
Princess Bride
Star Wars

4 Places I have been
(So boring really, my only foray onto foreign soil was Nogales (like Tijuana)
Washington DC
New York

4 people who email me
Nathan the Rollins Family Social Coordinator
South Davis Junior High
Sheri Evans Farley

4 Places you would like to visit
Church History sites
American History sites

4 thing you are looking forward in the next 12 months
Jonathan's Baptism
Haley and Mitch's little boy being born
Taking a vacation somewhere
My Birthday!!! of course.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

This I Believe. The Plan of Salvation. Part II

So a few weeks ago I went through some of the Plan of Happiness that our loving Father in Heaven and His Son, Jesus Christ have implemented for us. We didn't get very far in this chart did we? We only got up to the end of earth life.It is interesting because we sometimes start feeling that earth life is all encompassing, all consuming and yet look how much more there is to experience. We just have to do our part in all the areas! We have all passed off the first circle (good for you everyone!) and are now valiantly slogging our way through the second circle. This life is just a small part of this great plan. The next part of the plan is the end of our earth life. We call that death. I know that when we die our spirits are separated from our bodies for a season. Our bodies become hollow shells and are put aside until resurrection morning. Our spirits go on to the next circle (I mean on the diagram not some existential strange definition of "circle") The Spirit World. When Christ comes again we will be reunited with our bodies in the same manner that He was after the crucifixion. After this resurrection we will be judged and will be assigned to the kingdom to which we have become worthy during all our previous experiences. That is the briefest possible sketch of that I believe will happen after Earth life. It is not all encompassing or even thorough but it is just a taste of the things that I have learned. Since this is not an actual Sunday School lesson (I know that surprises you, right?) but rather my personal blog with my own personal views, I would like to tell you about what I personally know.
I know as well as I know that my kids are all tucked in their beds tonight, that our spirits go on after death. This IS NOT the end. The Spirit World is real! We will see each other again in the next world and I rejoice and find comfort in that knowledge. I know that the Spirit World is close and that those on the other side are absolutely aware of us and love us with a love even more powerful than they did when they were here. I know that it is a glorious place where many important works are constantly happening. Included in these are missionary work, temple work and being guardian angels. Isn't it interesting that those three things are also what we should be practicing while we are here on earth. II am so grateful for our Heavenly Father for creating this beautiful plan and am grateful to my Savior who was willing to implement the plan in the most personal and also universal way. I am truly blessed to have a knowledge of this glorious plan!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tricia is Fired and other news!

So I have fired Tricia because in one week I had several thousand requests for 1)more pictures of her legs and 2) more shoe buying hints. It is a sad state of affairs isn't it.
Here are a few pictures of her legs to hold you over for a few years!

Wow look at those pointed toes!
For help with your shoe buying addictions call Tricia or Sara although all they will suggest is shoe shopping as a temporary fix!

I was reading a friends blog today and she was doing some lists. (Relax Tricia I am not going to do another to do list) I liked her idea. I am a list person. So I am stealing it because she lives way too far away to do anything about it!

The list for today (being Sunday) is entitled...

"Callings I have Held Since I Graduated from YW". From past to present.

  • Primary Accompanist
  • Assistant Camp Director
  • Sorority President (I was actually set apart thank you very much)
  • Sorority Inter-chapter President (ditto)
  • Relief Society Education Counselor
  • Gospel Doctrine Teacher
  • Sacrament Meeting chorister
  • FHE group leader
  • 13-14 yr old Sunday School Teacher
  • Achievement Day Leader
  • Primary Teacher
  • Achievement Day Leader again
  • Primary Teacher again
  • Relief Society Homemaking committee
  • Relief Society Teacher
  • YW Beehive Counselor
  • YW Laurel Advisor
As I look back it is so interesting that I can see ... when I started college, when I was in a student ward, when I got married, and when we moved each time. all from what calling I held at the time. Interesting for me. Not so much for you. It is my blog though. Right Tricia?

So I could go through and tell you which were my favorites and which were my nightmare but Tricia would call me and tell me I was boring. So you tell me (she won't call you most likely) which callings have you held, which were your favorites and which ones did you barely survive and if you get called to again you may go inactive callings?

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Welcome to my life! The Tricia Edition!

Hi this is Kelli, I used to blog. Then my sister, Tricia, told me that she hated my blog because it was "too real" and "not funny". So I quit and I am going to let Tricia take over. Good luck Tricia! Be kind to her fair readers.
Hello. This is Tricia! I am sorry that my BORING sister has become so "real". I thought that I would bring a spark to this blog for a moment and tell you about a "real" fun life! MINE!! The first thing I did was change the page to my favorite color! PURPLE!! I have loved this color since, like the 7th grade! Isn't it gorgeous! So first change done! Check out my Christmas from a few years ago!

You may also notice that it has a Halloween theme. The most important day of the year falls on October 31st! It is my birthday! I love gifts or cards of any kind so just know that I work during the day so make sure you tell UPS to just leave the package at the door!
So a little bit about myself. The most important thing that you need to know about me is that I have THE. BEST. LEGS. I am typically told this everyday a least of few times. Sometimes I wear long pants just because it sometimes get SO annoying having people stop me at the store, at the gym and especially at the movies! It can sometimes be a curse having these Amazing Gifts!
There are far too few good pictures of my legs in the world!
The second most important thing in my life is related a bit. The single most important thing that you can do to make your life better is to BUY NEW SHOES. I love shoes. They love me! (see above paragraph) A new pair of shoes can change your attitude, your height and your life!
Some of you poor people that actually have read my sisters downer of a blog may have heard that I was recently married. (That was my favorite post for sure). Brandon is my lucky husband. He is a wonderful husband but like any couple he has some problems that we are trying to work through. People don't like him much. He has a hard time getting along with others. It makes it really difficult to take him places. Really though nobody wants to hear about this so I will move on.
I have many interests. Reading, running, not eating, laughing, reading funny blogs, teaching, cooking, music, art, personal electronics, sewing, foreign languages, video games, rapping, leading a children's choir, real estate, politics, motorcycling, cinema, and playing the drums!
I have recently taken up an interest in the stock markets. I have invested heavily in KLX which is better known to you as the Kleenex company! The investment class I took told me to invest in something that was very important to you and that you couldn't imagine your life without! Wa-la. Kleenex. Some in my family would accuse me of being a bit emotional. I and other wise people know that I just am sensitive to the feelings of others. I am in touch with the aura that surrounds each individual and when I sense that their soul is aching I respond in kind in an empathetic demonstrative manner.
Well, I hope you have enjoyed this little foray into my FUN life! Hugs and Kisses xoxoxo

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Bane of my Existence!

Yes folks that is correct I have reached the depths of patheticness (again not a word but should be) I am writing a post on laundry. Laundry. It never ends. Unless my entire family was standing around naked (Alone in our own rooms people. We are not that warped) we are during every moment making more dirty laundry. I don't care how pretty your washer and dryer are or how nice your laundry room is LAUNDRY is not fun. Why do I dislike laundry? I love the smell of clean clothes and the victory of getting the grass stains out of every SINGLE PAIR of boys pants that come my way. I don't mind sorting, folding or changing the loads so what is it? I don't like putting it away it is true and I don't like telling the boys to put it away. THIRTY THREE TIMES! I don't like, no I severely dislike, finding still folded clean laundry that never was put away, in the dirty clothes when I go to sort the laundry!
Here are some of my best tips on how to lighten the laundry load:

  • Don't get married.
  • Do not under any circumstances have children.
  • Make a million dollars so you can pay someone to do your laundry for you.
  • Make a billion dollars so you can just throw clothes away when they are dirty and go shopping for new clothes for everyone every week!
  • Go Naked.
Good tips aren't they? I have recently started a new system for doing laundry that seems to be working really well but it involves an hourly interaction with laundry. How about you? What have you people done to conquer the unconquerable?