Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Beauty Runs in the Family!

So for Girl's Night Out this last weekend the seven of us + Grandma Carter +Aunt Renee + Cambria + Liz + Aunt Paula + Abby + some interloping men (Grandpa, Uncle Mitch, Matt, Baby Ben) went to support Emily in the Utah's Junior Miss Pageant! We went on the final night and Emily was in the talent portion of the program. I was so thrilled to see how great she did! She looked so elegant and sophisticated and when she played her piece on the piano she rocked the house! I was so impressed. That was the best moment of the evening!However after the 45 minute "Entertainment Portion" provided by last years winners I think I reached my fill of pageant attending until the next time a cousin is in one! (this is my third family related pageant). Don't get me wrong the winner from last year was also the winner at the American Junior Miss and was talented. I repeat, she was super talented and by golly she was going to drive that point home with a 200 lb sledge hammer or a 45 minute love fest. (I think I would have preferred the quick hit with the sledge hammer)
One thing that I really found true about hanging with the beauty pageant crowd was it makes you very catty! Not like "oh look at the cute kitty" catty but more like wrinkle your nose "Did you see her shoes?" catty. Which is really disturbing because I really know nothing about shoes.
Another odd thing about pageants. They call all the previous contestants "Has Been's" So I come to the second fun part of the evening (the first being Emily, remember?) Well at one point the emcee (Has Been from 2002) asked all the other Has Been's in the audience to please stand up. Well. Apparently. Someone, who shall remain nameless, decided that she was very much a "Has Been" so she stood up. She stood up and waved. For what seemed like a long time. Much to the distress of her much more humble sisters both of whom were beet red!

So I decided that I would do some research to see if this person was truly a "Has Been" It turns out she is! Here are the highlights.

Here we see our contestant in the application stage where she talked about all her charity work that she has been doing with a polygamist sect from Eagle Mountain. She even dressed in their clothes to make them realize that she is just one of the little people. Look at that poor girl on the right. She must be like a 4th wife. The little boy does look a little neglected.
Here she is at that scholastic interview portion of the pageant! Which for those of you who are "Never Been's" happens behind closed doors in apparently a very dark and somewhat frumpy place. Here is our contestant (still nameless) in the evening wear portion of the pageant. Apparently she thought the other contestant had stolen her shoes. Oh wait they had the exact same pair. My mistake. Anyhow I don't know what the other contestant did to get that glare. Your guess is as good as mine but it was probably something catty!
Here she is at the physical fitness portion of the pageant where all the girls do the same routine and try hard not to let the sweat run onto their large white teeth as they grin ceaselessly at the judges. And finally the part that kicked her over the edge. Her talent. Our contestant had the very original talent of the Umbrella Dance. It involved a series of complicated wrist gyrations not to mention the all important opening and closing of the umbrella! All of course was set to music!
I don't know about you but I am relieved that I can call her a "Has Been" without any hesitation as to her worthiness! By the way... did you see her shoes?

Friday, March 13, 2009

Life is Like That.

Do you ever have those days where you and life are in the same rhythm? The momentum of the day moves along with you and life in sync. Right clap left clap. Together. clap.
There is nothing that can give you greater satisfaction than feeling like all is right with the world. Kids up. Clap. Breakfast finished. Clap. Family Prayer. Clap.
Kids off. Clap. Dishes done. clap. House straightened. clap. Do you feel the rhthym?

Make bed. Clap. Laundry changed. Clap. Scriptures read. Clap. Lesson read. Clap. Bills paid. Clap. Honestly there has never been a greater partnership than life and I!

Work done. Clap. Read blogs. Clap. Lunch. Clap. Alex to Kindergarten. Clap. Joe down for nap. Clap. The day moves along at a pleasant pace.
Until about 4.

The pace begins to pick up. See how intense life starts to look! Kids home. clap. Together again. Clap. Snacks. clap. Backpacks everywhere. clap. Deliver Jonathan to Scouts. clap. Take Aaron to Gymnastics. Clap. Homework started. clap. Practicing started. clap. Joe awake. clap. Together. clap. Phone rings. Clap. Pick up Josh. Clap. Crap. or no I meant clap. Wait.

Wait. Life what are you doing? Aren't we on Reading Time? Clap. Dave home. Clap. Tears about too hard math. Clap. Dinner started. Clap. Wait something feels off. Where is Aaron? clap. Go get Aaron. Clap. Clap. We aren't in sync. Life is off. WHAT HAPPENED TO Right! Clap. Dinner is burning. clap. If that phone rings one more time... Clap. Stop teasing your brother! Clap. You would be done with your homework by now... Clap. That is not practicing. Clap. Together. Clap. You have WHAT due WHEN? Clap. Wait. we are totally off here. Life slow down! We should be on Together! Ow! You just missed my hand! Wait. Stop. Can we just start over?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

B. Rad the Part-Time Model

My family gets together every so often for birthdays and celebrations and what not. When we do Alli with her fancy new camera is the designated family photographer. I downloaded some of her fabulous pictures and noticed a trend. It involves B. Rad. It involves B. Rad and the camera.

Let me just show you.

January birthday party for Alex and Ethan.

Adults are sitting and discussing the schedule for the this year.
Kids (and Mitch) are sliding down the stairs.
B. Rad: Hey Alli get a picture of this muscle.
Haley delivers Baby Ben.

We rush to the hospital to meet this little guy...and admire this...and be happy for them...
B. Rad: Hey Alli get me on super fast shutter! We get together to celebrate March Birthdays!

We hold babies.The kids play and hang with their cousins.
We eat dinner and have cake!We celebrate Adam's birthday.
Some of the old people nap.
Joe comes to grips with the fact he is not Tricia's favorite anymore. Looks like he is handling things ok.B. Rad: Hey Alli! I am a part-time model!
Don't quit your day job B. Rad!