Thursday, December 1, 2011

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree...

Today was quite the adventure.  Good ole Davis County had HUGE winds today and it wreaked havoc on our neighborhood and our little home was no exception.  Our home was apparently fine at 5:00 am when Dave left.  At 7:00 when I was kicking my high schooler out to catch the bus he opened the door and said "Hey, our tree fell down."  I honestly thought it was a procrastination attempt so I said in my lovely cheerful mother voice..."Whatever, go catch the bus."  He was so shocked that I didn't believe him that I actually went to the door and looked.  According to my kids I gasped and said my traditional "Oh my stars!  Call your father!"  So here is what our house looked like.
My house is behind that tree.  If you look closely you can see the garage on the left and the roof on the right. So just in time for Christmas we have a new Christmas tree!  If only we could get out of our house we could throw some lights on it and call it good!  

But wait!  There's more!  In the true spirit of Christmas we shared our joy with our neighbors by gifting them a beautiful tree also!  You are welcome, neighbor!
Here is the another view of the tree.
Our fantastic Emergency Crew and our Amazing Neighbors took great care of us and after the wind finally died down they came and helped clear the one tree from the front of the house!

They were so helpful and we were so appreciative of their kind service and strong muscles. 
And here is the spectator gallery.  Just teasing they worked hard also!  It was a huge job but they made fast work of it!  What a grand adventure!

We are out of power at my house so I came over to dry some clothes at Mom's.  I will write more later!