Sunday, November 23, 2008

I Like People!

I do, I really, really do! I like people. Even my kids, despite what they may claim. I remember when I was a teenager I used to think that my parents didn't have many friends and they never understood how important my friends were to me! In my mind they just couldn't relate to my social life. Now I am beginnning to understand... I am becoming like them. I used to have friends and I reconnect with them occasionally. I enjoy reunions and finding old friends online and afternoon visits. I enjoy hearing about their lives and their joys and sorrows and how we are not as different or far apart as we sometimes feel. I love to meet their spouses and go out to dinner and to laugh as we reminisce.I have found that those years between 17-24 are amazing years. I made friends that will last forever (or at least for a long while)! Nowadays I find it almost difficult to make friends. Why? Is it because I am busy with kids or PTA or YW or laundry? I have a few friends who I wish I could know better from my ward or from PTA and I do count them as friends. But the friendships I develop now seem more temporary. These days when these friends move we don't meet up to do dinner, we might check out each others blogs or exchange Christmas cards but that is about the extent of our relationship. Something about being older or being where I am now makes it more difficult to make lasting friendships. Nowadays I do a lot of hanging out with... these gals .... or these guys... or these.What happened to that social girl that I used to be? Sometimes I miss her.

Friday, November 21, 2008

I hope you have a kid just like you someday!... didn't work on me!

Notice the halo. Tricia didn't have one. Hhmmm.

So maybe my mom never actually said to me "I hope you have a kid just like you someday" but I wish she would have because in my memory I was almost the easiest kid and teenager ever! I never went against what my parents said (honestly) and I only remember one teenage moment which involved a lot of tears and a cup of water dumped on my head by a normally level-headed matriarch. I am sure there might have been a few more but not that I can remember.

I know I didn't like doing the dishes because I made up a song entitled "I Hate to do the Dishes" to the tune of "I Love to See the Temple". Sometimes I still find myself humming it as I do the dishes. Here are the words. Feel free to sing along.

I hate to do the dishes; I'll finish them someday.

And then maybe my mom; will let me go and play.

For the dishes aren't my favorite things; Not things of joy or beauty.

As a child of Mom I've learned one thing; The dishes are my duty.

Of course with these hams for examples what do I expect!

I have a tweenager. That perfectly delightful age of 12 where my little boy who loved me so now tells me on a weekly basis that he wishes he had a different family or that I love all my other boys more than him. (not true except for a brief moment right after he says that!) I am at a loss some days as to what to do with him. Maybe I should tell him to put his feelings to music.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

And the winner is....... Not me.

Yeah, if you are hoping this a big giveaway of some awesome prizes you are in the wrong place.

This post is written to announce my concession. I have fought a good fight and honestly there were times I had no doubt that I would be victorious. I had an awesome team pulling for me. My supporters were diligent in their praise. My family and friends fought for me tirelessly but the time is come to say I give up. You win. I bow to your superiority. I am stepping out of the race.

So, Ladies and Gentlemen.

I give to you.

The winner.


Take your pick. I concede to them all! Don't worry though folks. I will be back in 4 years!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Turkey Bowl

Each November Dave organizes the Elder's Quorum vs. the Young Men Turkey Bowl. It is quite the looked-forward-to-event! The men/boys really seem to enjoy it although they all complained very loudly about their aches and pains today at church. The EQ has won the game all 3 years but every year they get a bit closer to beating the old men. This year they only lost by one touchdown so I don't know how long the EQ can hold them off! The pep-talk from the YM leaders.
Josh and Bro. Sheffield (neighbor and bishopric counselor) with Dave in the background. One of the traitors (former Elder now YM leader)

The bishop after he fell. I think he hurt his back! Dave looking like he was playing hard. We recruited about 3 18 year olds that could have still been considered YM but we called them Elders for this game!
Here are some of the EQ team taking part in the post-game wrap up. Dave and Dave working the bbq for the after game tailgate party! The EQ team. The YM team plus a few of the younger boys!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

People I Love. November edition.


Jenn has November all to herself since I only do siblings and parents in these birthday tributes! She is so lucky to have my undivided love tribute! Though I should give a shout out to the Sams!

So without further ado. Here is why I love Jenn. Just a few of the million reasons!

I love Jenn because she is fun. I love her fantastic sense of humor. I love her can do attitude. I love how she loves my brother. I love to see them happily being married. I love how supportive she is of our family. I love how close she is with her family. I love how she knows all kinds of trivia. I love that she loves to play games. I love how she is such a good mom. She is excellent at whatever is given to her to accomplish. Everyone wants Jenn on their team, committee, presidency, and yes family! She is truly an amazing woman and I am so happy that she is in our family! I love Jenn!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Earth Right After Rain!

Jonathan had a big day Saturday! He was baptized! I am so proud of his decision! We had a great party with lots of supportive family! Turning 8 is a time of big change! Jonathan gets to start scouts. He also starts piano! And he also starts fasting! So many changes!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Talent Abounds

We are starting a new tradition in the Rencher family. We are doing a Girl's Night Out once a month. We are taking turns planning it and I was in charge this time. We had a wonderful night a couple weekends ago! We followed President Uchtdorf"s advice and decided to create something. My talented and amazing friend/boss, Sandra Rast agreed to teach us how to oil paint. So we went to her art studio/home and had a great time painting our still life!Jenn getting comfy. Here is her masterpiece! She was not only talented but quick also.Tricia taking this very seriously. She also was the master of bold color! Sara doubting that it will actually end up looking like a flower! But look how great her flowers turned out!Mom the artist! Mom's shadows were fantastic! Here is Alli and Haley. After we finished painting (about midnight!) We critiqued each other's paintings! Here is Alli's. I loved her leaves and her cloth especially.We voted that Haley's won the show's Grand Prize! Here is mine. I like my purple flower.

We all decided that we would leave the painting to the professionals but I think we all had a fun time despite the moments of frustration!
One last deep thought. Although we were all looking at the same exact still life not one of us painted the same painting! All of them were completely different and yet all of them were correct. Alli could barely see the hot pink flower that was the focus of my painting! Kinda like life.