Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bear Lake Adventures! Part 3. The Hot Shots!

Despite the fact that the kid shots are great I think the little voices asking when I was going to post the photos were looking for these. Just so it is recorded that the adults also played hard on this trip... here are the pictures. To start us off we have Haley. She was the first one in the water! She started us off well! Mitch jumped in next! My favorite move was the flip otherwise known as "the easy way to get the wakeboard off" Later in the afternoon when it go a bit choppier we rode tubes. It was no easy riding. These boys take it as a personal quest to dump everyone in the water! First up was Andrew and Mitch. Look how happy they are! They think this is going to be so fun!They were BLEEDING when they finished! So fun! Don't think I tipped the camera here. I think the boat was literally standing sideways in an effort to dump these guys! I can't believe Mitch hung on to this one! But not for long! Next up we have Mitch and Haley! She teased the driver by standing up and waving in the beginning. Soon thereafter she was clinging on with both hands! I love her face in this one. Next up is Dave and I although because I never taught Tricia the new fangled thing called zoom you don't really know it is us. She did get a nifty picture of our first wipeout. Holy crap! That water was cold. It literally took my breath away for a little while. I couldn't answer when Tricia kept asking me if I was ok. I couldn't get enough air! Next up were Dave and Brandon. I love how they tried so hard not get in each others personal space. After they got dumped several times Tricia jumped on with Brandon. She had a great method for never being dumped. It was this... when you think you are going in punch your husband off and hang on tighter! Not just once but every single time. Poor Brandon didn't know if his bruises were from landing in the water or Tricia kicking him! He seemed to recover enough to some skiing. With his hat on? Then B. Rad skied for a while. Then he texted for a while telling all his friends how awesome he looked. Then he wakeboarded for a while. Then he went and hid so I couldn't take a picture of him texting everyone to tell them how cool he was.... Dave even attempted wakeboarding although his shots didn't turn out as well because all his cool poses were under the water. See that brown thing? That is his head. Next year we are going for above water shots. Then Mitch got back in to show us all how it was done. This is the takeoff crouch. This is the sweet pose for the camera. This is the cool silhouette pose that happens when the sun is going down and you can no longer see who is behind the boat.

One important thing I should mention is that one morning both Dave and B. Rad took a ride around the lake. A mere 50 miles. On their bikes. Pedaling. It makes me tired just to type it. They are both amazing!

Thanks to Tricia and Brandon for hosting this fun weekend and for also providing the cabin and the boat! Thanks to Andrew for bringing up another boat and getting the 4 wheelers ready! Everyone really appreciated all you did and we had a GREAT time.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bear Lake Adventures! Part 2 Downtime.

So no matter how much we loved being on the lake we did have to come off the lake at some point. Besides 4-wheeling and playing games on the beach did I mention we saw some famous people while we were there? See if you recognize them.OK they are only famous in Mitch's mind but the pictures totally reminded me of the paparazzi shots! Don't they look like some stalker was taking pictures of someone famous on some random beach. I love it!

Eventually darkness would force us inside but the fun didn't stop there. The first night we celebrated Tayler and Kimber's birthday. Then we talked and laugheduntil as often happens in my family, someone started wrestling. It quickly became an arm and leg wrestling mess. Mitch and Aaron Aaron and Jacob Josh and Kassidy Andrew and Josh, Aaron and Conner Kassidy, Jacob, Josh, Aaron, and Conner leg wrestling. Mitch taking on 2 at a time. Mitch leg wrestling 4 at a time. As it stands now. Andrew was the leg wrestling champ. Here is the winning move. Maybe short legs are better for leg wrestling.Mitch was the arm wrestling champ although his title is under question because of cheating! He apparently jumps up on his opponents arm and just uses his weight instead of his strength. Take a look at a the photos and you decide.

After the wrestling match we played a game that I used to play at the U called BodyBall. I didn't take pictures but apparently Haley has a hilarious video that she will put up on her blog. The game is this... you all sit on the floor in a tight circle. 1 person stands in the middle and the other press their feet against their ankles. The person in the middle stays stiff as a board and falls toward the group who then pushes them across the circle to another person. When someone lets the person fall they are then in the middle. It was a riot to play. Even Mom had a turn.

The next night after a big day on the lake it was a lot quieter. Here is what the kids did. They watched a movie. The adults talked and played Ticket to Ride! Love that game.