Tuesday, August 28, 2012

So Summer is over in a matter of days over here in Davis County and it seems like just yesterday that we were wrapping up the end of the school year with...
Field Trips.  
Funny story.  I went on the field trip with Joe and his Kindergarten class.  I had 4 little boys that I was protecting and guarding while attending the very dangerous zoo.  The funny thing is that I had the Kindergarten full-time helper with me to help with one of the boys that is a bit difficult.  Then I had 2 mothers for whom this boy is their firstborn and they felt the need to drive to the zoo with all their younger children in tow and join us for the field trip.  So basically I was in charge of keeping 4 boys, 3 adults and 3 toddlers and 2 strollered babies all together so we could report back to the bus at the designated time.
What a FUN day.
Once again I realized that I was a horrible mother because I never drove to a field trip just to attend with my little ones.  I would go as a volunteer at times but never just as a tag a long.  The most pleasant part was when we sat down to eat our lunch.  (Again,  the school brought a lunch for everyone but the Mom's supplemented with treats from home)  So we starting talking and next thing I know I am the old lady giving advice.

"How did you get your kids to sleep through the night?"
"When do you find the time to get to the spa?"
"How best can I help my son adjust to 1st grade?"
"How old was your son before you first left the house without mascara and heels on?"

They were shocked to learn that I don't "request" teachers for my boys every year.  I just let them go where they are placed and adapt to their new teacher.  HORRIBLE!  I know.   (I did request NOT to get a teacher 1 year.)  (That's it, though) (And I felt so guilty about it that I agreed to be the PTA president in exchange)

So I start to see the problem the work place is having with their employee's MOTHERS coming in to complain about their hours or assignments or to get time off for them or raises!

Any who.. the point of this story was actually that I felt very OLD after this field trip.  Joe and I still had a great time and amazingly enough I got the other 3 boys back to the bus on time with our large support staff following us! 

Back to the end of the school year...
 Concerts: Josh
 Concerts: Aaron
 Awards Assembly: Alex (Perfect Attendance!)
 Last Day of School: Alex with Mrs. Williamson
 Jonathan with Mrs. Wigren
Joe with Mrs. Menlove.

Welcome Summer! 
We are so ready for this!