Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Report Card

I don't know about you but I check my boys grades almost every day.

Today I checked them and one of my kids had 3 F's! I literally almost cried. It turns out that by the time he got home they had gone back up! Anywho. Not the point.

The point is during those few hours between the discovery and the recovery I was dying. I was ranting to myself about what a great student I was back in the day and how I would have rather died than get an F... And then while showering I had an epiphany. (and no that isn't some strange female problem Nate!). I was thinking about what my grades would be in my life right now. So I have given myself a report card.

  1. Wife B+
  2. Mom B
  3. Housekeeper/Cook/Laundress B
  4. PTA A
  5. Primary Counselor A
  6. Employee C-
  7. Just Me F

I think I need a Parent/Teacher conference to see what
extra credit I can do! Lucky for me my Teacher is very
understanding. So is my Parent for that matter.

I think I will start by apologizing to my son!