Friday, September 26, 2008

Pathetic, I know.

Fall! The beautiful colors of the leaves changing, the crisp air that smells clean and feels sharper, the yellow school buses, the brightly colored soccer jerseys scampering all over every field in the city, football fans and tailgate parties and FALL TELEVISION. Yeah, so I warned you it was pathetic! I am actually looking forward to watching some shows and finding out what my favorite characters did over the summer! It is like reconnecting with old friends in a VERY one sided relationship. During the fall premieres I find that I watch a lot of shows, old ones and new ones, and then I eventually settle down to a few favorites. Here are my 3 categories for this fall. Once again you were warned this is pathetic.
"Old Shows that I Watch When I Can Catch Them"
I watch the first show and the last one and any that are recorded by the almighty TiVo when it is not busy recording the priority shows and then I try to figure out where everybody that I used to know went and what in the world is going on. Which oldies but goodies am I missing?
CSI of any variety
ER (last season!)

"New to Me Shows That I am Intrigued By"
I will watch these for a few weeks and see if any of them hold my interest. Usually 1-2 will make the cut off list and move to the priority list for a while. Any of you have any others that should be added to this list or any votes as to which should make the cutoff?
The Mentalist
"Favorites That I Do Get a Bit Upset When Not Recorded"
So tell me what should be in this category that is not? Should any be removed?
The Office
Pushing Daisies
Eli Stone

Well there you go in all it's patheticness (not a word but should be). So, what are you watching?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

People I Love September Edition

I know this is not just a picture of Brandon but look how dang happy all these people are!

Brandon, my newest brother-in-law, is my September love! Not only was it the month that he was born but it was also the month that he and Tricia connected after a 17 year long break! One of the reasons I love Brandon is because he made Tricia giggle like a school girl as she sat on my couch texting him on that first day of contact! I love him for loving her because I love her and she loves him and he loves her and I am sure they both love me. Lots of love there. I love Brandon because he is a good guy with a warm and loving heart. He is also extrememly helpful and serves everyone around him. I love because he is a wonderful father, not only to his darling daughters, but now to Tricia's precious kids! He has a wonderful sense of humor and is fun to be with also. He is a problem solver and he never stops working. There is not a lazy bone in his body. I am thrilled to have Brandon as a brother-in-law. Thanks for joining this crazy family with all our high drama!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Be There!

Did you know that a few months ago I was kicked out of the Salt Lake Temple. Ok, I wasn't really kicked out I really never got in! It seems that the expiration date isn't just a suggestion as my brother Mitch and I discovered. They mean it and no tears or threats of never returning will budge them. Ok I didn't threaten to never return. At least not out loud. I realized it wouldn't really punish anyone other than me and maybe my mom if I never went back.

So Mitch, wanting to calm my tears, offered to buy me lunch. I loved the lunch but I loved hanging with my brother even more! We made it back for pictures. And after all that is really the most important part. Ha. So I felt really bad about missing my cousins wedding but I felt really, really bad when Mom starting crying and making Mitch and I promise that we would do anything we could to be in the Celestial Kingdom. Sheesh.
Last night I had a great night with some of my in-laws. We got to go to the temple and then out to dinner with Dave's parents, and 3 of his brothers, Mark, Paul and Nate and Brittney who is Mark's amazing wife (who got a darling haircut, but I digress). We went up to the Bountiful Temple (remember I am never going back to that other one) (just kidding Mom!) and it was wonderful, of course, to be there. I have always loved the temple. I love the symbolism and the peace and the inspiration that comes when I am there.

This time at the temple is the first endowment session that I have been to since my dad died. I have done initiatories and sealings and baptisms but not the endowment. It has taken on new meaning for me. You see I know that I have someone on the other side waiting for me. Dad will have my reception there very well planned and I hope it doesn't stress him out and I hope he doesn't mind if I am late! As time goes by there will be even more people that I love waiting for me also. It made me realize that the horrible feeling that I had not being with my loved ones at that wedding would be nothing compared to the feeling of not being able to be with family and friends whom I love and adore forever!

So once again Mom was right. I'll try my hardest to be there. You be there too.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tag from Haley!

Haley (my darling sister-in-law) tagged me about a month ago and I just barely noticed. Good thing she doesn't get upset over things like that! Plus she is too busy growing a baby to care much about blogging! Here you go! 5 Things on my To Do List!
take lunch to Connie (friend in ward who had a baby)
get red pillows to match new bedding!
clean up office
make quiet book for boys for Sacrament Meeting
work for Sandy
5 Jobs I have had
Centerville City Baseball Concession Stand Girl
Deseret Book Centerville/Bountiful Cashier
Deseret Book Buyers Dept.
Deseret Book Fort Union Supervisor
Sandra Rast Art -Fill in Job Title Here-If you get paid for it (legally) the I do it!
5 Places I have lived
Memphis, Tennessee
Birmingham, Alabama
Houston, Texas
Centerville, Utah
Salt Lake City, Utah
5 Favorite Snacks
Vanilla Wafers with milk
String Cheese
Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs
5 things I would do if I were a billionaire
Pay off all debts
Add on to house or move to slightly bigger house
Take the boys on a trip somewhere
Invest/Save for missions, college, retirement
Help others out with anonymous gifts. (wouldn't that be a riot!)
5 Things I Love
Visiting/Playing/Laughing/Crying/Hanging/Camping/Boating with family or friends
Playing board games
Reading a really good book
The smell of new babies
Being Organized

Saturday, September 13, 2008

News from Team Rollins!

Hey all! I have been seriously lacking in my blogging duties according to my non-blogger sister, Tricia. She won't ever write one but that doesn't give me the right to not write for a few days! I have missed writing however. Thus you are reading this! Here are some of our going on's and random thoughts.....School started. Or hadn't you heard?
I went with Josh to his first morning of Jr. High. No, I'm not one of those crazy moms but the school is under construction and they wouldn't let anyone in before the first day to find classes or open lockers so most of the 7th graders had someone there helping out. We did go an hour early so nobody would see him with his mommy. It didn't work since all the 7th graders had the same idea! I am happy to announce that we got the locker open. And yes, I did have nightmares about it the night before thank you very much!

Alex started Kindergarten.
I thought he would be a bit more nervous but he was thrilled to be going to school with all the big boys! The first day they have a treasure hunt to find all the different parts of the school. Thanks to so many days working with Mom on PTA stuff he finished that faster than any other child. See! There are benefits flowing left and right for sacrificing a year to PTA! He is going to have a great year especially if the teacher likes NY accents. I'm workin' he'e!

From 6 to 2.
The boys have really missed their cousins. It must have been nice to have a large group of friends/cousins/pals to hang with. They always had someone who was willing to walk with them and laugh with or stick up for them. We all missed those darn kids. I have missed the daily morning phone calls from my mom but I have totally not missed seeing Tricia every day. My kids are the only ones who need someone to talk with , laugh with or stick up for them. Darn those kids. Sniff, sniff. Stupid allergies. Football! Soccer! Basketball! I think that is it besides scouts, YM, piano and viola. Retired president takes on volunteer coordinator, room rep tea and monthly newsletter. I should have just been president again. Sigh.
My Joe! This only one at home punk is such a joy! My mom came to one of Jonathan's soccer games and Joe came running up to give her a hug and after hugging her he looks up at her and says "Grandma, haircut?" OK a couple of things.

1. I was so glad I had already noticed and told her it looked good so I wasn't shown up by my baby. and 2. What 2 year-old notices things like that and comments on it? He has this weird thing with the "fuzzies" (yarn ties) on his blanket. He loves them. He rubs them under his nose when he gets tired. If they fall off the blanket, he stores them in his ear. It is just one of those things that he does. I went to the Stake Enrichment Night where the subject was Avoiding Emotional Burnout. Didn't apply to me but I enjoyed hearing about other peoples busy lives. A few things that the therapist/lecturer mentioned that I liked...
  • Our culture must be the only one where not only do we feel guilty for the things we do but the things we don't do!
  • Do one thing in your life that brought you joy when you were a little kid.
  • Make a Things I accomplished today list at the end of the day instead of just a to do list every day.
  • If you have a hard time saying "No" say instead "Let me get back to you" then get up the courage to say no and get back with them.
  • We had a fun night with some of our EAT friends. The Hallman's hosted and after dinner we went back to their house for peaches and ice-cream. Dave and I stayed way, way too late and it reminded me of my college days hanging out until all hours of the night after Home Improvement! Thanks Joe and Anita!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Apparently I'm not funny just stressed!

This is Tricia after I stressed her out!
So I got a call from Tricia and she said that she has been keeping up with my life via this blog. Which is really rather silly because it would look like all I have been doing lately is thinking about past loves of my life and making extreme to do lists! Regardless. She proceeded to tell me that she couldn't finish my to do list blog because it was just too painful. I obviously missed the mark!
I would like to apologize to all of you who read that post. Sorry you three! I was trying to be funny amidst my stressful days. I thought it was funny but then again I am desperately seeking humor right now. Tricia commented that there were funny parts but mainly the stress leaked through like a sieve! So again my intent was not to stress anyone out abut rather it was to make myself laugh as life rushes towards me, thoroughly engulfs me and then just as quickly passes me by but not before it leaves me breathless almost to the point of panic thinking that I will never be able to take a breath again! How was that for descriptive? Did I scare you again Tricia? Alli, are you there? I think I am ready again for that couch! Tell Mom it is time for a Kelli fasting and temple session! Just teasing girls! Alli, really, put the phone down! Tricia, for heavens sakes, are those tears in your eyes? I AM FINE! I did tell the boys that if they didn't do their Saturday jobs I was going to end up in the hospital! Bah-ha-ha! It didn't work.