Monday, August 22, 2011

I Wish Every Day was the First Day!

Today was the first day of school here in the Land Bountiful! After the flurry of morning activities I was reflecting back on the morning and how organized and smooth it went.

Today I sent everyone off on time. Early even.

They got up either the first time I called them or before I called them!

They all had the necessary supplies ready to go. They all had matching clothes and clean socks! They knew exactly where their shoes were.

They were showered, brushed, and all those who should were wearing deodorant! In other words, very well groomed!
We had family prayer, family scripture study and a healthy breakfast.

They practiced the piano, read their scriptures for 10 minutes, straightened their rooms and wiped down the bathrooms.

And the best part? Their attitude! They were pleasant and kind!
"Happy first day of school my brothers!" Ok that was Joe which is pretty normal for him.
"I love you" (To each other? A minor miracle, folks)
"Thanks for my new clothes Mom"
"Thanks for breakfast"
"I love my new shoes"
"Don't worry Mom. I will take care of him"

Now lest you think that I am either on drugs or living in a fantasy world I will be honest. It is not like this every day! In fact I bet in less than two weeks reality will set in and this will be my morning.

Waking everyone up at least 3 times each with the final attempt heavy with threats.

Telling them to brush something. Might not have time for both hair and teeth.

Advising them to wear the same socks from yesterday. How dirty could they be after all?

Handing them a piece of toast with a promise that you will pray for them when I have a second.

Don't even get me started on my um er I mean their attitude on those mornings.

So do you see why I wish every day was the first day of school?