Thursday, October 7, 2010

Little Touches of Heaven

So this week I have felt little touches of heaven amidst the hecticality (I love to make up words) of my life. Here are some that I thought I would share.

  • Getting the worlds softest socks directly out of the dryer and putting them on my freezy feet! Ooooh heaven. Fall is a comin'!
  • General Conference: I can't tell you how uplifted and hopeful I felt after conference this last weekend. And how much I loved to watch it in my pj's.
  • Sending my 2nd son off to Priesthood with his brother and dad. It was a bit of heaven to have him so excited to go to the Conference Center and a little bit of heaven to be down to just 3 home with me. just kidding. kind of.
  • Holding a beautiful brand new baby girl (not even 4 hours old!) Little Lydia. I hope she realizes that I am her new favorite aunt. Honest it makes me tear up just thinking about that precious little thing!
  • Finding out that our Claire Bear is not as sick as she could have been. So so blessed. More tears. Poor little thing.
  • Hope for good things yet to come.
Just a short list of things that have made me feel that Heaven is closer than we realize.
Maybe not so much in the socks as in the other stuff.