Friday, February 29, 2008

Fabulous February!

What was fabulous about February?
1) Sledding at Soldier Hollow!

Dave's work had a winter party at Soldier Hollow. For those of you who don't know Soldier Hollow is a Olympic venue which has converted somewhat into a little resort. Part of the fun is several giant tubing runs complete with a couple of tow ropes. The party starts at 8:30 pm and when we got there it was a chilly 17 degrees! We were all bundled and had a fabulous time. The only tears came when Joe lost his mittens on the way up the tow rope and when Alex got taken out by the tuber behind him. We enjoyed the freezing cold snow blowing in our faces and the hot chocolate! What a great night!

2. Sam's Baby Blessing!
Mark and Brittney blessed little baby Sam this month. He is so darling and unlike most of the Rollins boys was very vocal during the blessing. We are so happy that he is here and healthy and we are equally happy that Brittney is doing better also. It is amazing what Mom's will do to get their little ones to the earth!

3. Valentines Day!
For the record Dave and I don't get into the whole Valentines thing. He says "Why would I let some commercialized holiday dictate how and when I should show my love for you?" So as far as the romance department goes this holiday isn't it! It however was a very stressful holiday for me. I had 2 Valentine parties at school and Josh had his 6th Grade Dance.
1:00 1st grade
It is amazing to me that I can find a craft that will take me about 2 minutes to do at home and I worry and worry about how it is not going to take the 15 minutes allotted to me at the 1st grade Valentines Party and then I end up finishing 24 projects because the kids took 10 minutes to decide which paper color to use!! Oh well, the point is to be there with Jonathan and have him answer questions like "Is your Mom the boss of the Principal?" (PTA President, remember) He thought that was so funny.

2:30 4th grade

I think I am doing so well getting 2 games, 1 craft and the treat all arranged so that I can just help (probably with the craft. see above) Only to have the treat person completely forget and doing a last minutes dash to Dick's Grocery Store to beg for 3 dozen Valentines Cookies (gotta have enough for the 8 kids after school) The only comment I get from the kids is "We only get Milk to drink!" Lucky for them the treat lady remembered that night and brought doughnuts the next day! She apologized and get this she was at the Doctors because she is having trouble remembering things!! I am not lying!

2:30 6th grade Valentines Dance
This is huge deal for these 11-12 yr old kids. They practice different dances all year long and then they get dance cards and all the boys have to ask the girls for dances and fill up their card. The Hokey Pokey and the Bunny Hop are the two favorites. The Swing and the Macarena are also up there. The Waltz and the Foxtrot not so much. Josh told me before that he was only going to ask girls who were shorter than him to dance. Then his teacher told him he had to ask at least 3 different girls. So that plan wasn't going to work. Poor short Josh. The dance was a huge success and it was absolutely hilarious! I kept running in during the party to take pictures and laugh. I am POSITIVE that Josh appreciated his mom that day! Josh is a lot like his Dad. He dances without ever actually looking at his partner and only talking to his friends near (or not so near) by.

4. Family Dinner!

Sara (Brad's wife) and Nate (Dave's brother) both had birthdays this month. We celebrated when Sara and Brad came to town on their winter break (another happy event in Feb.) We went out to dinner on Saturday to celebrate both of these birthdays! It was very fun to have both of my both my fun families represented at dinner. We missed Alli and Mitch and Haley and Bryan, Susan, Mark and Britt, Deb and Jason and Mom and Dad Rollins. It was one of those fun nights where we laughed a lot!

5. Nate and Sara!

It is a tradition in the Rencher and Rollins families to get together once a month for birthdays. Part of the Rencher tradition is telling the birthday girls and boys why we love them. I though I would do that once a month for my siblings and parents. So here goes.

I love Sara because she has a great laugh and a great outlook on life. She is positive and fun and is a support to everyone. She is good mom, wife, daughter-in-law and sister-in-law. I love how she makes family a priority. She is a great fit in our family and I am so excited that she will be closer to home soon!

I love Nate because he is generous and sensitive (it is true). He is funny (sometimes) and he likes to play games of any kind. He is smart and so it is fun to talk with him about different things. He has an incredible memory which is sometimes good and sometimes not so good. I am glad that I am a part of his family.