Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Diagnosis is.... Pockdipy!

Here are the circumstances:

First I have a crazy sister, Tricia, who invites me to go to lunch with her (that isn't the crazy part) and we have a good time or so I think. Then she proceeds to call my mom and tell her that she thinks that I am depressed. Her reasoning. "Kelli didn't laugh very much at lunch" WHAT? (That is the crazy part!)
Tricia then calls me later to see if mom has called and questioned me yet. Apparently not only did she tell mom I am severely depressed but she also told her that she thought they should schedule an intervention on my behalf. Tricia and I had a good laugh about what a nut Tricia really has become!

I then decided that I should probably call Mom and reassure her that I didn't need to be put on suicide watch for goodness sakes! But before I got a word in (besides hello) Mom passed the phone to Alli, so I tell her what Tricia did! We had a good laugh about our crazy sister.
Now Alli happens to be a therapist for those of you who don't know. It is important that you know that so she doesn't come across any wackier than she really is!

The story goes on... I talked to Mom through Alli for a minute and well... let me just quote the conversation.

Mom "Ask Kelli if she got a hold of Gene Done? (A scout guy that I need to get a hold of for jamboree)

Alli "Kelli, Mom wants to know if you got a hold of Geodon?" "Wait, why do you need Geodon?"

(I have no chance to answer)

Alli "Mom, why does Kelli need a really powerful anti-psychotic drug? What is going on?"

Good grief people. One sister thinks I am depressed and the other thinks I am severely psychotic!

So after talking to Alli for a while and really exploring my inner self she has helped me to realize that I am.....

a phobic obsessive compulsive who is slightly depressed with physchotic tendencies! Call me POCDPY! Pockdipy! You see I am afraid of heights, being bossy and being a wimp (Phobic). I do the same things every day (OCD). I get sad (depressed) and I hear voices saying the same thing over and over and over. (Mom. Mom? Mom! Mommmm!) So I am POCDP! I am not stable! But it is nice to know that I fit in nicely with my sisters!

Love you guys!

PS Note to self. Laugh more at lunch with Tricia!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wintermuck and Winterfest

I told you about my sister and her crazy dream about a holiday called Wintermuck! Well we have officially celebrated the first annual Wintermuck and it was a huge success. Thanks to Brandon's parents we were able to celebrate in their huge field behind their house. We had all of the traditional Wintermuck festivities. We had a bonfire and roasted hotdogs. Apparently Alli is a hot dog fan! Just teasing Al! Snow Wrestling which I hear will be introduced at the next Olympics! I think Mitch was mad because Alli ate all the hot dogs! Snowball fights where the object of the game is to hit Mitch and then get dumped in the snow. The ugly sweater contest. Here is our big winner (or big LOSER)! We also had a great time chatting and watching/riding the sleds! We opted for 4-wheeling for dragging the sleds around the meadow instead of snow mobiles since some of the more wealthy among us already own those it seemed the cheaper way to go plus we didn't know how much snow there would actually be on the ground! It was an absolute wonderful way to celebrate the joy of winter while chasing off the winterblues with a healthy dose of spring anticipation! Hanging with cousins was the favorite activity for most of the kids! We also celebrated Sara, Kassidy and Lauren's birthdays! One of the highlights was when several deer gracefully lept through the meadow! It was like being in the mountains but with a flushing toilet! I don't know who she is texting since we were all RIGHT THERE! Maybe Brandon was on the 4-wheeler at the time! Aawww. Newlyweds! Thanks to Tricia and Brandon for planning and providing a lot of the food! Thanks to Andrew for taking charge of the equipment and hauling everything around! Thanks to Brad for breaking a 4-wheeler so Andrew would have something to work on this week! The best part of WinterMuck is that it put Haley into labor that night! Although she was still in labor 2 days later!! She is such a trooper to go for a 4-wheeler ride.

Immediately after Wintermuck our little family hopped in the car to head up to Soldier Hollow for the Winterfest Tubing Celebration. Conditions were fantastic for tubing! It had been warm enough during the day to melt the snow but by the time we got there at 8:00pm it was only about 15 degrees so the runs were all frozen and it was super fast and fun! We stopped by the lodge after the lifts closed at 10 and had some hot chocolate and warmed up a bit before heading home! We had some really tired boys but it was a great winter day!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Welcome to Earth little Benjamin Grant!

Mitch and Haley (mainly Haley) had their baby today at about 2:30 pm after laboring for a couple of days! We are so happy that he is here! For being only 7.5 pounds and 20" long he sure has added a lot of joy to our lives! Welcome Baby Ben!

I can't believe the internet was wrong!

Being a girl and all I had no idea that scouts were supposed to go on winter camps. Sometimes they go to organized events with other troops and it is called Klondike.
Our troop starting the race!
Well so Josh's troop was scheduled to go a few weekends ago. I cheerfully volunteered Dave to go with him. Dave looked up the information of where and when on the Internet. They were going to be going to Rockport Reservoir and it was supposed to be very cold there! I then began to think about them staying out in the cold over night. A little bit of panic set in. So I decided that a scout or in reality a scout mom is always prepared. I put a wool blanket inside a mummy bag and then put the mummy bag inside a bigger sleeping bag! I helped Josh pack 8 layers; undershirt, thermals, t-shirt, long sleeve shirt, sweatshirt, hoodie, jacket, coat. We got new boots, new wool socks, hand warmers, foot warmers and 3 pair of gloves of varying sizes! I almost bought a tent warmer for goodness sakes. Can you tell this boy is my first? Joe-Joe will probably be lucky to have a coat and socks without holes!
Our troop standing around.
Dave also got this preparation treatment much to his chagrin. Of course the chagrin actually set in right about the time the scoutmaster called and told him that if Dave couldn't go they would have to cancel. Guilt works, have no doubt!
On the sled!
So after loading all their stuff and having them put on a few well planned layers I drove them down to the Scoutmasters home to load up the trailer. Then I went back home for the handwarmers. Then I went back home for the camera. Well I guess they loaded up and left and I went about taking care of the other boys. A while later Dave called and told me they had arrived. I was impressed with their travel time and asked if there was tons of snow and if it was freezing already. He proceeded to tell me that the information he got from the website was not quite right.
Starting a fire?
The Klondike for this year was at the Davis County Fairgrounds.
10 minutes from our house.
Dave didn't even use his coat.
Better safe, or in this case completely over-the-top prepared, than sorry and cold!
I honestly don't know what they are doing here. I wasn't there. I was at home keeping warm!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Doctor is In! NSAH IV

Ok. Pretend it is Wednesday. The question for this week is...

Did your family have any home cures for hiccups, warts, cold, flu, sore throat etc?
My hiccups are horrible. I get them once and then I get them all day long! They also hurt. And according to my boys they are LOUD. My dad had a foolproof cure for the hiccups. He would scare us. It worked every time. He would notice we had the hiccups and then boom he would yell our name or jump out at us. It never failed!
Wait, let me give you some background. Dad worked for the LDS church in the fleet department. He was in charge of the cars in many missions all over the world. I remember once he called me at work when I was about 20 and I had a bad case of the hiccups. He started telling me that he had some bad news. He told me there had been a car accident in one of the missions and the missionaries were hurt. My heart stopped because I had a lot of boys that I cared about that were serving missions at the time. He said that one of the missionaries was one of my close friends! I was honestly almost in tears. Then he stops and says "Are your hiccups gone?" and they were! Then he proceeded to tell me the real reason he called. Torture maybe, but it did get rid of the hiccups.
My mom has her own cures for things. If you have a sore throat you should gargle salt water. As soon as you stop gagging it works! Just teasing Mom. Mom is all about prevention. She talks about eating healthy and getting enough sleep and exercising! Those are the first things she will tell you! Then the salt water gargle and also a humidifier. Absolutely you must have a humidifier. I don't remember going to doctor ever (except my junior high checkup!) so the healthy living must have worked!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pay it Forward

I've seen this a couple of places and decided it would be something fun to do.So, here's how it works-the first 3 people to leave a comment on this post will receive, at some point during the year, a handmade gift from me. What it will be and when it will arrive is a total surprise! The catch is that you must participate as well. Before you leave your comment, write up a pay it forward post on your blog to keep the fun going (or be lazy and copy and past like I did). Then come back, let me know you're going to play and sit back and anticipate the arrival or your gift! Please submit in an e-mail or on the comment, your address, if I don't have it already (My email address is to the right). Remember that only the first 3 comments will receive a gift from me, so be quick!

What's in a Name? NSAHIII

What is your name? How did you get it? What does it mean?My name is Kelli. Spelled with an i. It has become a pet peeve of mine to have my named spelled with a y. I think because I went to school with a boy named Kelly so I always thought that was the boy way to spell my name. In my baby book that Mom filled out while expecting my arrival it had a space for that names you were planning on for the baby. It has Bradley for a boy name and Amy for a girl name. The story goes that Dad took one look at me and said that I was a Kelli with an "i" and for a middle name Lyn with 1 "n" not 2. That is how I got my name. I am the only one that Dad named as far as I know. In most baby name books (which by the way I still love to browse in my spare time) Kelli means "warrior woman" or "fighter" or "defender". Now growing up I must admit I hated the definition of my name. I wanted something a little more feminine or romantic but by college I grew to love it. Though every time I am in a bookstore and see a baby name book I look to see if Kelli has anything added to it like "beautiful talented warrior"!

**Guess what in trying to find graphics I went online and I found several new meanings. "Brave, Lively and Bright-headed" have all been added to my name meaning. There was even one obscure one that said "Farm by a meadow". Weird. I betcha that enough Kellis complained that they had to add some splash to the meaning. I don't know really who "they" are but they were awfully nice to add some pizazz. By the way "bright-headed" means brilliant. According to me.

The origin if my name varies. Some books say Irish some English. I prefer the books which say Celtic or Gaelic myself. Much more romantic! I guess my real name origin is "Irv".

Apparently Dad was really ahead of the times because Kelli became popular for what looks likes 1 month in 1970 and immediately declined from there. Which is fine with me because I liked being the only female Kelli in my class. It made it easy to know if people were talking about me. Which in reality nobody ever was doing! I was just never meant to be a Jennifer. (no offense Jennifers) (Jenn might actually read this so I really mean no offense)

Kelli is a good name and I like it better than Amy (no offense Amy) (I don't think any Amy's will actually read this but better to be safe...). I really like to write my name also. I have a great looking "K"!
Now I am starting to ramble. Goodbye for now.

Kelli Lyn
LogoThere are
people with my name in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Not so Ancient History II

I am doing great on my New Year's Resolution to start my personal history. Here it is already week 2 and I am still going strong!

The topic for this week is...

Your first car! How did you get it? What make and model was it? Any fun stories?
My first car was a truck. I think my dad arranged that on purpose. He knew I was going to need something big and beefy to survive. It is truly sad but I have no earthly idea what the make and model were. I wish my dad was alive so I could fill in that little bit of info. I do know it was a lovely shade of burgundy. I drove a burgundy truck.
One of the results of having a truck was that during my senior year I was the designated riser driver for our Madrigal group. The very first time the boys loaded them into the back they just stacked them straight up and therefore the last few risers were hanging over edge of the tailgate. I didn't realize this until I was driving home with Wendy B. I turned the corner and she started screaming that the risers were falling out! I turned to look back at them and apparently I turned the steering wheel as well. I turned back just in time to drive over the curb and ram my right headlight into a big tree!
I distinctly remember watching Wendy bounce up and hit her head on the roof of the truck. I think it broke her clip that she was wearing in her hair. I dropped her off and started to head for home. I had 2 thoughts. The first was I had avoided the wrath of Miss M. (the choir teacher) by not losing the risers out of the back of my truck. Well done on my part! The second thought was it wouldn't do me any good because my dad was going to KILL me.
I got home and as luck would have it Dad was in the garage AND he was holding a hammer. I remember getting out of that burgundy truck and just walking up to him and blurting out. "I hit a tree." He started waving the hammer around and yelling all kinds of questions and I fled into the safety of the house and had a good cry! I did go back later to get some tree pieces for my scrapbook which I have yet to put together.
One year later Dennis was driving my truck home from school at the U and a cute little old man who had no business driving pulled into our lane going about 10 miles an hour. We ran into the back of him going 50. I thought we had killed them! Dennis got out and checked on them to make sure they were ok while I sat in the truck and commenced with the freaking out! After he reported that they were fine I started to face the reality that I was going to have to tell my dad! I think Dennis was thinking about the same thing because we both start pacing up and down the median waiting for the police.
It actually worked out great for me because Dennis dropped me off at work and then went to my house to break the news to my dad. I don't think Dad yelled at him. Dad called me later at work and told me that he was glad that we weren't hurt and that we were much more important than any car or any burgundy truck for that matter. I think I liked that second accident better.
It was a good truck. But obviously not good enought to take a bunch of pictures of to share with you!