Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Creepy Park People.

So I have to tell you about one thing that happened at the park during my party. We are sitting there eating dinner and waiting for the rest of the family to arrive and some creepy guy on a Harley pulls up in the parking lot and starts revving his engine SO LOUDLY (why do they do that? does anyone know?) My first thought was where are the rest of them, because they seem to travel in packs. My second thought as I looked at him with his long straggly grey hair pulled back in a pony tail (I'm sorry but NASTY) was he really shouldn't be at a park with kids around. It is just creepy.
He got off his bike and started sauntering towards the pavilion. Ewwww. Why is he coming this direction. He is going to scare the girls. Another question. What is up with tattoos and chains. Can you not own a bike and dress normal? Do you have to try to scare people? Is that part of the contract you sign when you buy a Harley? I mean look at how ridiculous the tattoo looks on that farmer tan arm?

Wait a minute? Farmer tan? What is up with that?
That is no creepy Harley park dude. (debatable I know) It is B. Rad. My nutso brother.
Is Mom terrified or what? Do you like his chain and official Harley belt buckle? They were on sale.

The stick on tattoos were fantastic and really stood out on the haven't-seen-sun-since-the-90's farmer tan arms!
Here he is looking Harleyish on his new toy. He came just to give some old lady a thrill ride on her birthday! Thanks for the ride B. Rad and more than that thanks for the huge laugh!
PS It was a total shock to most of us. (Mitch, Haley and Alli knew) Andrew was the first to recognize him as soon as he got off the bike. Andrew yelled "I know those arms! That is Brad." Mom's response "I hope not!" Classic.


sfarley15 said...

I love it!!

cbleeflang said...

You guys are hysterical! I have been giggling for the last 3 days about your past blogs. Thanks for letting me into your life.

Jacqui said...

BaaaHaaHaaHaa. SO funny! Happy Birthday, btw

Todd and Melissa said...

That is hilarious!

Chopper Man said...

Who is this poser with is farmer tan and fake tattoos? He gives all "real" harley riders a bad name. He should sell his harley and buy a scooter. Ridiculous.

Renee said...

what a guys having the most fun of any family I know. I wish I could have been there to see it all.
Aunt Nee