Wednesday, November 14, 2007


We have seen a lot of progress these last few days! Dad has eaten real food. He is off the epidural. All the IV's are out of his arms. He is off the catheter. He is out of ICU!

I got to be there on Monday morning when we took him to the 4th floor. Dr. Collins (the surgeon) came and told him "We need this bed for a sick person". What great news! He has been able to shower, sleep better, talk on the phone and see grandkids, neighbors and feel a bit more human.

He and Mom met with the oncologist yesterday and he told them he has never seen a larger blood clot than they one that was complicating Dad's recovery! We are so grateful that he was able to survive that nasty clot. He is so blessed.

Sometimes I forget about the cancer part. The surgery and the recovery have been so horrible. He has been on the brink of death more times than I would like to think about He is doing so well now that I sometimes breath a sigh of relief and think "He made it!" I forget. I forget that we are in the beginning of this ordeal not nearing the end. After the oncologists visit Mom told me about the process for chemo (which they will do before the radiation) once a week for six weeks then a little time off and then another once a week for six weeks episode. Then they will start the radiation. Wow.

It would be easier just to forget. It is amazing how all the other things in life march on. Homework, piano, PTA, YW, basketball, soccer, EQ, meals, and especially laundry go on and on. I am glad though. It is important to have some normalcy (although I could really do without the laundry!). I am glad that Mom has work and church to do. She is tired but at least she gets away from heart rates, oxygen saturation and caloric intakes for a little while. It could suck you dry! I was glad to see the other day that a social worker was stopping by an a regular basis to talk to them both.

I have been so grateful for good friends, good neighbors and a terrific family support base for both my parents and myself. I know both my mom and my dad have been blessed by the many prayers said in their behalf. Thank you. Thank you. You darling wonderful people!

Love, Kelli


Jacqui said...

That's so glad to hear! Dad came over today and said that he'd talked with Cherie and that she thought Irv would be home before thanksgiving! That's so great! Thanks for the update!

Brenny said...

Good news! Thanks for the update. Loved the laundry comment -- it is such a vicious cycle. Have a great Thanksgiving!