Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Offer Available for only a Limited Time!

First day of school!   So here in Davis County we just started school today!  We technically had a summer that was 1-2 weeks longer than normal!  And let me tell you I could feel it.  My kids were out of control.  They wanted a late night every night.  They wanted to hang out every possible moment. They were already wearing out their school shoes...

I was SO ready for school!

This is year is unique because all of my kids are in school full-time!  Someone asked me if it was going to be hard to send them all off.  I laughed.  Are you kidding me?  How many years have I been looking forward to this day?  What will I do with all that wonderful time?  Dream come true, right?  Are you with me here?

So today I send the 2 oldest boys off on their way to the high school and the junior high. (No picture of Josh!  Brain not yet functioning that early in the morning.)

Then I take the 3 youngest down to school and walk them to their classes.  They are all greeting friends and talking excitedly.  Alex first into his 4th grade class, Jonathan upstairs to his 6th grade class.  They are pros! Backpacks in lockers, shake the teachers hand, find your desk, greet your friends with a high five, a shoulder bump or a head nod...  pros.  Joe's class is the furthest away from the front door.

We put the backpack in the locker, greet the teacher, find his desk and then the friends start to arrive.  He yells out his excited greetings.  So thrilled to be back at school.

I leave him in good hands and start to walk home.  And then it hits me.

Remember this?  This new 1st grader still calls me 'My love, my sweet, my darling, my princess!' What I realized is that the clock is ticking on that expression.  The clocking is ticking on all my young mother experiences.  It did make me a little wistful.

I spend so much time getting my children to the milestones that mark their lives just to pass it and think "Hold on now.  Let's slow down.  I don't know if I am ready for this."

Joe said it best as we walked into his classroom he tells me "Mom,  I am excited but kind of nervous."

I know buddy.  Me too.


Nee said...

oh Kelli.....I remember the very day that I walked back up the hill from leaving Carter for his first day all day in first grade. I couldn't decide whether I wanted to shout for joy or burst into tears. It just all was over so much faster than I thought it would ever be. Hang on to whatever moments you get to just inhale their sweetness.

Todd and Melissa said...

Sweet. Crying. As usual. And no, this is not Todd! :)

Haley and Mitch said...

Love those boys! What a fun time!!

Emily said...

Oh my gosh!! I cannot even imagine that. It seems like everything that happens with kids is bitter sweet! (Not that I have very much experience) I cannot believe that Joe calls you such sweet names!! I love it!! What a nice little boy!