Tuesday, May 22, 2012

2 Down 3 to Go!

So this last Sunday night was a fabulous night for the Rollins clan!
Josh and Aaron both received their Eagle Scout Awards at a fabulous court of honor.
They were lucky to have four of their good friends get their Eagles the same night so it was quite the party.
  Both of the boys were so excited and they talked about it well into the night.  They even made Dave dig out all his Scouting paraphernalia so they could see the "old" patches and pins.

Speaking of old.  Here are my two boys with a bunch of old guys who also happened to be Eagle Scouts.  B. Rad, Mark, Andrew, Paul, and Nate are pictured here with Dave and my boys.  We are missing Bryan and Mitch who were also Eagle Scouts.  We have a strong scouting tradition in both of our families.  My dad was a scouting enthusiast to put it mildly.  I am sure he is thrilled with his grandsons accomplishment.
It was a delightful night.  When you have 4 families involved you are able to do some fun things.  We had a fabulous video of all the boys in their scouting adventures.  
I loved the giant flag that we used as our backdrop for this event.  

We also had a fabulous Eagle presentation that the boys couldn't stop talking about. 

They got to be up close and personal with the Eagle who was named Liberty.  Josh claimed that it bruised his chest with its beak and Aaron said its wing bopped him on the nose.  These are the stories that I am sure will get bigger and better as time goes on. Someday I will hear them say remember at our Eagle Court of Honor when the Eagle attacked us and tried to peck out our eyes? 
Good Times.

Congrats boys! You pretty much rock!


Sheri said...

That is amazing and awesome! Way to go rollins boys!!

Haley and Mitch said...

How awesome is that! Way to go Kelli (because, let's be real, you probably did as much work as they did). And way to go Josh & Aaron! I love that huge flag! And the picture of all the uncles is so great!

I'm pretty sure that guy who did the Eagle presentation is the guy who works at the zoo, isn't he?

Sounds like it was a fantastic night! Congratulations!

Kelli said...

Good eye Haley Jo! That is the guy from the zoo! Same Eagle too. He was harder to recognize...

Jacqui said...

Awesome! I am sure Irv kept a continuous vigil to catch every minute of it. Good job Rollins clan!

Nee said...

congrats to the Rollins boys and their mom....cause let's be honest.....boys wouldn't get Eagles if it weren't for their moms.